Famous Kabaddi Defence Positions 2022

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Famous Kabaddi Defence Positions 2022. To achieve this objective, the antis can use any of the six fundamental defence skills i.e., ankle hold, thigh hold, knee hold, waist hold and blocking. Unlike other team games, in kabaddi the defence players keep on varying in number due to the out and revival rules of.

Famous Kabaddi Defence Positions 2022
The top defensive duos in VIVO Pro Kabaddi Season 6 from

Covers are the wall of the defence, and they occupy the central position when it comes to defence. Defensive skills of kabaddi like ankle hold, thigh hold, waist hold, block, dash and chain tackle demand good timing and strength to perform it cleanly. In kabaddi, defence is a combined effort, in which the whole team has a responsible role to play.

3) Defensive Skills (This Page) Focus, Quick Thinking & Reaction ( The Antis Must Think And React Fast To Tackle The Raider Within 30 Secs) Physical Fitness, Strength, & Agility ( The Antis Must Be Physically Able To Grab And Hold The Raiders) The Ability To.

A move that requires exceptional timing and sharp instincts to be pulled off is a dubki. Raid is the focal point of kabaddi. This is a counter skill used by defensive players against leg thrusts and foot touches by raiders during an attack or raid.

A Couple Of Good Raiders Can Change The Whole Tempo Of The Match Within Minutes With Their Superior Techniques And Tactics.

All about defending positions in fantasy kabaddi left and right corners. Like the name suggests, this move involves grabbing the raider’s ankle and pulling him inside your own. They are said to be the wall of the defense in the fantasy kabaddi game.

The Direction Of Attacking Side.

The direction of attacking side. This can be accomplished by either fleeing or physically detaining him by tackling or grabbing him. Kabaddi is a contact team sport.played between two teams of seven players, the objective of the game is for a single player on offence, referred to as a raider, to run into the opposing team's half of a court, touch out as many of their defenders as possible, and return to their own half of the court, all without being tackled by the defenders, and in a single breath.

The Players Stand On The Corners, And That Is Known To Be The Extreme Positions In The Game.

Raiding involves players going into the opposition half to score points by attempting a touch on the defenders and returning to their half. A raider must possess several skills to avoid becoming predictable in attack. To achieve this objective, the antis can use any of the six fundamental defence skills i.e., ankle hold, thigh hold, knee hold, waist hold and blocking.

A Raid Is When A Raider Crosses The Midline And Enters The Other Side From His Side Of The Court In An Attempt To Score A Point By Touching Any Of The Defenders On The Mat.

It is also called a 'mule kick' in some parts of the world. Although this is one of the most basic offensive skills in kabaddi, it requires plenty of practice in order to successfully apply it during a raid. Back kick in kabaddi is one of the cleverest skills in which the raider deceives the defence by showing his back and tries to kick backwards to receive a touch point.


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