Awasome Best Army For Th8 References

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Awasome Best Army For Th8 References. You cannot get a siege machine at this th but worry not as you can utilize your maxed out, barbarian king. First, you would use your earthquakes on the walls by the th so once your valks get in the base, they can get the th quickly.

Awasome Best Army For Th8 References
attack by party wizard 😱😱😱 and best army of th9 or th8 under attack by from

So let’s get started without any delay. Use a heal spell and a rage spell when the p.e.k.k.a.s are in the core to. 136400 elixir, 2325 dark elixir;

Use A Heal Spell And A Rage Spell When The P.e.k.k.a.s Are In The Core To.

Lure out the cc troops using one giant or hog. Your clan castle can withhold 25 troops and 1 spell. Was up th8 is a hard th to try and get past because everything is so expensive.

But What’s Important Is, The Spells That Back Up T.

Gowipe strategy for advanced players with a town hall 8. It uses a hell of a lot of dark elixirs so don’t use it if you are low on d.e. These designs are good at defending dragons, giants, hogs and golem attacks like gowipe.

The Best Th8 Farming Army!

If he does, draw them away with the archer and kill with poison spell and wizards. Now, deploy and push your giant close to the clan castle to see if the opponent has defense. Hi clashers, in this video you will know one of the best th8 army to earn plz subscribe and like my video and.

Your Main Aim Is To Destroy Exposed Air Defences With A Dragon And A Rage Spell To Help Out.

There are a heap of good armys for just going for loot. What would be the best army for me that isn't as dark. Now it is clear to you that the most powerful armies at higher town hall levels use a lot of dark elixirs.

153K Elixir, 610 Dark Elixir Training Time:

Hello guys,this is the best th8 strategy which legendary players use and me toothis strategy can get easily 3 star on any max th8 base and even on th9!follow. And your barbarian king to battle. I) deploy all hogs into the side with the greatest splash defence coverage.


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