List Of Army Uic List 2022

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List Of Army Uic List 2022. 2019 army uic suggested reading list by professor alan beckenstein, university of virginia. The first character is the service designator:

List Of Army Uic List 2022
Usmc uic lookup from

Keating kelley a maj \(usasfc\) created date: Use the lookup unit identification code tool. Fy20 regular army (ra) united states sergeants major academy (usasma) training and selection list name pmos psc uic rmos usasma abamukong christian abongwa 68w5 ub63 h96c0 68z6 abbott sidney irving 18z5 ua17 hqkt1 18z6 abernathy josh chalk 13z5 ub40 atgt2 13z6 abitua jason daniel 14z5 ub47 awlc0 14z6.

If Unknown, Report All Z’s.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The user must click “save” in order to save any the “current unit” tab is a by name listing of all soldiers assigned to the uic pulled from tapdb to be used for designating as a rating official. However, army uics are used to identify active, reservist and national guard units.

Uic List Whqmaa 20 Sf Bn, 3D Special Forces Group, 1St Sf Rgt Wholaa Support 30 Special Forces Group, 1St Sf Rgt.

All department of the navy (don) financial uics are assigned by the All medchart users have access to the lookup tools from any of the medchart modules. Report an f, the unit portion of the pas code, and two blanks.

The Uic Is A Six Digit Code That Identifies Each Unit Within The Department Of Defense.

This information is stored in the medchart framework data base which is updated daily from the integrated total army. The first character is the service designator: Dodcmd_id instln_id uic_number instname narrative atlantic camp_garcia mzz744a roosevelt roads camp garcia roosevelt roads rq cgarca atlantic vieques_east n69321 vieques east, pr vieques east atlantic vieques_west n3172b nasd vieques, pr vieques puerto rico nasd hawaii barbers_point_nas n00334 nas barbers point, hi barbers point hi nas

The Next Three Are The Unique Identity Group, Wherein A Leading Alpha Character Always Identifies An Mtoe, And A Numeric Identifies A Tda.

The security accreditation level of this site is unclassified and below. Keating kelley a maj \(usasfc\) created date: “w” is the designator for the army

The Code That Represents The Unit To Which The Member Has Reported For Duty.

Report an n, the uic, and one blank. If not applicable click here. The (us military) unit identification code (uic) is a six digit code which uniquely identifies every mtoe and tda unit in the army.


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