+27 45 Acp Bear Defence References

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+27 45 Acp Bear Defence References. Chuke discusses the myth of knock down power, stopping power, and if the 45 can cut it in alaska.please go to my website and click the. It even killed the kodiak bear.

+27 45 Acp Bear Defence References
.45 ACP sufficient for bear defense? from

The.45 acp is, however, not a slouch and can be turned into a perfect bear gun, provided that +p loads are loaded with 255gr hard cast bullets. The 10mm is a better bear gun than a 45acp, but people do use both. We think this issue is something that many people are extremely concerned about.

10Mm Vs 45 For Bear.

Certainly any of the rugers will be fine. I am not recommending that you purchase any firearm or am. 5 incidents were initiated by dog(s).

Greg Has Contacted An Attorney And Will Fight The Charges.

Anything you can load into a.45acp pistol will work… i generally just carry the same load that i use for personal defense if/when i take my.45 to the woods. Dogs assisted in 2 incidents, buying time for. Remington hd ultimate home defense load.

And, While Both Might Work In A Pinch Against Bears, It Seems That Most Folks Who Are Well Versed In Bear Defense Seem To Advocate The.44 Magnum As The Bare Minimum For Defense Against Bears.

A handgun in.44 mag,.41 mag, heavy loaded.45 colt, 10mm, or maybe.454 casull or.480 ruger may be your best bet, carried in a holster you can draw from quickly. The same is true regarding 10mm. In north america the two most feared critters are bears and mountain lions (cougars or pumas for our readers back east).

We Think This Issue Is Something That Many People Are Extremely Concerned About.

However, some people carry.45 acp with modern +p ammo and hardened bullets for bear defense. Game, antelope, black bear, brown bear, caribou, coyote. You may find it paradoxical to let 45 acp go up.

Grizzly It Took Nine Rounds To Put The Bear Down.

It can work, but you'd be foolish to count on it. The 10mm is a better bear gun than a 45acp, but people do use both. The.45 long colt cartridge with a heavy for caliber hard cast bullet at 1,100fps or more is an outstanding bear defense round.


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