The Best 357 Vs 9Mm For Home Defence References

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The Best 357 Vs 9Mm For Home Defence References. The 357 sig round was designed to replicate the 357 magnum, is it superior to 9mm luger? A specific caliber is less important than an operator’s ability to get effective hits on.

The Best 357 Vs 9Mm For Home Defence References
CCW Best Calibers for SelfDefense? Gun Digest from

I love the power you get with.45 acp, and will always be a fan, but there are more options for large capacity magazines in 9mm. Few cartridges are as universally recognized and respected as the.357 magnum. A [new] mp5sd weighs in at 7 lbs 8 oz.

Q’s Honey Badger Is The Same Length As An Mp5Sd.

In no particular order, i will explain these selections: They expanded to around 0.60 inches. For this article we are going to narrow down our considerations for handgun penetration through walls.

If You Aren’t Shooting Suppressed That’s Okay, Too.

That’s 46% more rounds than a.45 carries. Each of these calibers has an almost equal diameter with the 9mm measuring in at.355 inches and the.38 special at 3.57 inches. A [new] mp5sd weighs in at 7 lbs 8 oz.

While I Own A.357 Capable Revolver (Ruger Sp101 4″ Barrel), For Home Sd I Use.38 +P Critical Defense.

Just because you put a pistol round into a rifle doesn't mean that it will perform like a rifle round. The numbers 3, 5, 7 alone are synonymous with power. Add one in the chamber and that gives 18 rounds total capacity without having to reload.

However, The 9Mm’s Case Is Approximately ⅜ Inches Shorter Than The.38 Special.

So there really is nothing in it. A glock 17 has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds. But i’m about to share with you 5 reasons why a carbine chambered in.223 or 5.56 carbine as as good or better of a home defense gun than a 9mm pistol.

A.357 Needs To Be Somewhat Heavier If The User Is To Avoid Punishing Recoil.

38 special & 357 mag. Rumrunners and mobile bank robbers of the day made officers conscious of this deficiency. In my mind, for a home defense situation, smaller magazines meant more reloads.


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